Originating in the Low Countries (the coastal region of modern day Netherlands and Belgium), Belgian Tripels were created as a “strong ale” for deceptively easy sipping. Our signature take on the beer was aged in white wine barrels for six months. Fresh blackberries and three strains of Brettanomyces (wild yeast) were introduced to create a duality between bright fruit and funk.

The addition of blackberry imparts a gorgeous pink color, along with a lively interplay between sweet and tart. Aromas of alfalfa and lemon peel give way to a rich texture and a dry, champagne-like finish. This complex beer is dangerously easy to drink, despite its high alcohol content! Try pairing it with an herbed chevre or grilled halloumi cheese, or live large and pair it with Belgian waffles for brunch.

ABV: 10%

Total Production: 44 cases

Serving Temperature: 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit
Cellaring Recommendation: As long as you can wait! The Brett characteristics will continue to evolve over the years. Drink now for more fruit-forward flavor, and cellar for more funk.