Inspiration for our third bottle release came in the form of the Celtic goddess, Artio. She assumes the form of a bear, and holds fruit and grain sacred. With this in mind, we created our barrel-aged Belgian Brown Ale. After going through primary fermentation with a house Belgian yeast strain, it was lovingly aged in a 500L merlot barrel. We added a proprietary blend of 5 Brettanomyces strains for its secondary fermentation, then added grains of paradise, cinnamon, and almost 60 pounds of fresh raspberries! The result, four months of aging later, is a beautifully complex and refreshing beer.

Artio is light in texture, but big in aroma and flavor. Raspberries and honey greet you on the nose, followed by a lightly tart and effervescent mouthfeel. This beer finishes with a perfect amount of hay bale and biscuit on the finish, thanks to the Brett. Warm and spicy meet bright and citrusy, transforming with each sip.

 Try pairing this unique beer with grilled pork chops, smothered in a dark fruit compote. Pack it in your picnic basket, to enjoy with your favorite outdoor theater. For a different experience, contrast and compare with a classic NY cheesecake.

ABV: 6.5%

Total Production: 46 cases

Serving Temperature: 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit

Cellaring Recommendation: As long as you can wait! The Brett characteristics will continue to evolve over the years. Drink now for more fruit-forward flavor, and cellar for more funk.forward flavor, and cellar for more funk.