The saison style of ale originated in the fields of 18th-century, French-speaking Wallonia, located in southern Belgium. These beers were traditionally brewed in the winter, during the off-season. The beer was then stored until the summer, to be used as partial payment for seasonal workers (“saisonniers”). Lucky farm workers were often entitled to as much as 5 liters per workday!

Our version of this classic style was aged in a selection of Chardonnay barrels from the Edna Valley region in California for 2 months. The remnants of Chardonnay in the oak complement the citrus & pepper aspects of the Saison, while adding depth and buttery texture. Notes of vanilla bean are balanced by a tart acidity and warm, yeasty finish.

Enjoy this with cured meats and a hefty cheese plate (like a true Barbarian), or class it up with a dish of steamed mussels & clams.

ABV: 6.8%

Serving Temperature: 45 degrees Fahrenheit

Cellaring Recommendation: Drink Soon – Within 1 Year