The Morrigan is a Celtic goddess that embodies death, war, and fate. She would inspire courage in the hearts of warriors as they charged into battle. We think our imperial stouts hold that kind of power, too. Black as the Lady’s raven form, seductive and ferocious as their namesake, we present two variations of barrel aging. Enjoy one (or both!) with creamy foods like a wild mushroom risotto or tiramisu.

ABV: 12%

Serving Temperature: 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit

Cellaring Recommendation: 2 years or more. Ready to drink now, but will evolve over time.

Classic Morrigan

 Our more traditional take on aging an imperial stout was aged in bourbon barrels for five months. The bourbon influence brings out notes of vanilla & honey, backed by a dry-roasted pecan. A smooth, caramelized finish balances out the thick body and texture of our fierce brew. Lingering espresso notes are accentuated by the light licorice of the original imperial stout recipe.

Cases Produced: 44

Reserve Morrigan

Our second variant was aged in Petit Verdot barrels for five months, as well. An earthiness and black pepper comes through on the nose, followed by notes of dark fruits and baking spices. Dry and lightly bitter, like a semisweet chocolate, our Reserve enhances the base recipe of our imperial stout with rich tannins and a satisfying molasses mouthfeel.

Cases Produced: 47