FunkShine was the first beer to be put in a barrel at Barbarian Brewing, with the intent to age it one year in celebration of Barbarian’s one year anniversary and PreFunk Nampa’s two year anniversary. As soon as the oak barrels aging FunkShine were emptied, we filled them right back up to start aging for next year’s anniversary FunkShine releases. All of the wonderful brettanomyces will remain in the barrels and keep getting funkier year after year.

This year’s FunkShine is a golden ale aged with brettanomyces, Sauvignon Blanc juice and dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops. The result is a tartly acidic, zesty, juicy, fruity and truly funky beer.

ABV: 9%

Total Production: 31 cases

Serving Temperature: 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit

Cellaring Recommendation: As long as you can wait! The Brett characteristics will continue to evolve over the years. Drink now for more fruit and hop forward flavor, and cellar for more funk