Released June 18, 2017

The Old Norse for “Fate of the gods.” Vikings believed that this would be the end of times and after great battles and natural disasters, the world would be submerged in water. The 2016/2017 winter in Boise, ID, when this beer was bottled, sure felt that way. Ragnarok is our mixed culture red sour base aged in various Bourbon and red wine barrels and given a final rest with peaches. The result is a complex, fruity, funky sour beer.

ABV: 9.0%
Total Production: 56 cases
Cellaring Recommendation: Enjoy now or cellar properly to allow the flavors to evolve.  Ragnarok is bottle conditioned and unfiltered. There will be some sediment and occasional fruit particles at the bottom. Open and pour gently to keep the sediment at the bottom or swirl lightly before opening to disperse the sediment.