Our Muscat Blanc is a hybrid style of Golden Ale and Muscat Blanc grape juice aged in white wine barrels with multiple strains of Brettanomyces. Muscat Blanc lees (residual yeast cells and other matter leftover from fermentation) from Cinder Wines was added, enhancing the floral notes of this beer. Strong, heady aromas of jasmine and lemongrass give way to a well-balanced acidity from the wild Brett. Fruit-forward characteristics from the wine elements culminate in tiny, effervescent bubbles.  A bone-dry finish rounds out a beer experience you won’t soon forget.

Farmhouse ales are some of the best beers to pair with food. Muscat Blanc drinks like a fine sparkling wine or champagne, so treat it as such! Crostini with smoked salmon or trout is an easy appetizer choice. The delicate flavors compliment sushi or sashimi. Tarts made with fresh, seasonal fruit would also be a delicious complement.

ABV: 8%

Total Production: 46 cases

Serving Temperature: 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit

Cellaring Recommendation: As long as you can wait! The Brett characteristics will continue to evolve over the years. Drink now for more fruit-forward flavor, and cellar for more funk