Our Story

Barbarian Brewing opened in Garden City, Idaho in October 2015 and opened a second Downtown Boise Taproom in August 2017. We are a small, but mighty Barbarian crew of 10 people and are independently, locally owned. We brew on a 5 bbl nano system with a barrel room that houses more than 90 oak barrels aging limited batch sours, brettanomyces forward funky beers, Bourbon barrel stouts and barley wines. Barbarian also focuses on classic styles, kettle sours, hazy IPAs, West Coast IPAs, Belgian ales, dark and malty styles, and experimental styles such as Ice Cream Ales, cocktail inspired beers and a Candy Gose series. We primarily brew beer for our two Barbarian taprooms, so your best bet to find our beer is to visit our Garden City Brewery and Taproom or our Downtown Boise Taproom.

Our mission is to create delicious, complex, artisan ales and lagers. We draw inspiration from old world traditions but also strive to innovate and create new styles and techniques.


A BIG Thank You to our Kickstarter Backers and Community

We’d like to give thanks and recognize the people who supported us on KickStarter in 2014 and helped make Barbarian Brewing a reality! We appreciate you!

Aaron Hougham
Adam Hale
Ali Sosnowski
Amanda Allen
Amanda McNally
Amy Byron
Andy Nelson
Ashley Pearson
Barbara Morgan
Beerlovers in Oregon
Billi McNary
Boise Brew Bus LLC
Boise Brews Cruise
Boyd & Catherine Layton
Brandon & Kara Herres
Brian Vinson
Britt V
BroBeauCop Whitney
Cassie & Sammi Long
Chris Oswald
Christina Rich
Christopher O’Grady
Chuck Long
City Peanut Shop
Clint & Laura Slaughter
Conan and Dirk
Connie & Jen
D. Sterling Blackwell
Damon Ridgeway

Daniel OMalley
David Cameron Larson
Dawn Hysell
Don Larsen
Doug & Heather Bierman
Douglas Lincoln Gibson
Doug Mohr
Dr. Dick & Holene
Elsa Johnson
Erika Tillman
Gary Moore
Gregory Hahn
Heather & Jonathan Knapp
Heather Hammerstedt
Heather Harrington
Hooman Sam Rowhanian
Iga Góral
Jacob Schwantes
Jamie Braun
Jamie K.
Jan House
JD Sutphin
Jennifer Keifer
Jennifer Rinaldi
Jess Perkins
Jill & David Fox
Jim & Kim Long
Jody Braun
John & Sandra Hanses
John Davidson
John M Drynan
Jon Miller

Jordan Spitzer
Josh & Abby Baker
Joyce Alexander
Julie & Chris Hughes
Karen & Chris Atkinson
Kay Anderson
Kelly & Aaron Wermerskirchen
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Kurt J. Veit
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Nicholas Phillips

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