Our 2018 Barbarian Club Membership Is Sold Out


We’ve closed enrollment until 2019

Check back with us this November for details on how to enroll early in next year’s membership program. Thanks again to all of our 2018 members for your continued support!

Specifics of the Membership Program

16 Bottles of Beer:

The 2018 membership will include a variety of different barrel-aged beers that will be rolled out in four bottle releases. Each of the four bottle releases will include four 500 ml bottles. Bottle selection will depend on which membership group you picked (i.e. Trickster, Thunder God, or All Father).

Release #1*:
Blood & Thunder- Raspberry Sour- MEMBERS ONLY
Scotch Barrel Aged Dirk

Release #2*:
Saga- Gin barrel aged blackberry sage sour
Armagnac barrel aged Thor’s Might- Barley Wine- MEMBERS ONLY

Release #3*:
FunkShine- 3 year anniversary sour barrel aged beer
Armagnac barrel aged Hel’s Fury- Imperial Stout- MEMBERS ONLY

Release #4*:
Elixir of the Gods- Pomegranate sour Quadruple aged in Port barrels
The Morrigan- Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout

*Because of the nature of barrel aging and to preserve quality, Barbarian Brewing reserves the right to change which beers will be bottled and released for members, and does not guarantee a specific release schedule. You will not be able to change your membership group after you sign-up, as the MEMBERS ONLY release quantities are going to reflect the number of members. Membership discounts will apply if you choose to purchase extra bottles. You will be notified via email and social media when bottle releases will be available for pickup and if there are extra bottles available for purchase.

First Right to Purchase Bottled Beer:

As a Barbarian Member you are guaranteed the first opportunity to pre-purchase extra bottles of a release, if yield permits, before they go on sale to the public. A few of these beers will be available to the public for purchase, whereas others may have a very small yield and will be MEMBERS ONLY releases.


Barbarian Members will receive a 10% discount on all purchases made in both the Garden City Taproom and the Downtown Boise Taproom. This includes bottles, draft beer, and apparel. Ten percent discount does not apply to club enrollment or to club barrel tastings or beer pairing dinners. In addition, members will receive 20% off growler fills and 20% off purchases of 6 or more bottles at one time (bottles may be mixed and matched).

2018 Membership Card:

Each member will receive a personalized, non-transferable, membership card with the first bottle release. Members must present this card in both taprooms to receive the discounts.

First Right to Sign Up for the 2019 Membership:

2018 club members will have the first right to re-enroll in the 2019 club. The number of memberships available for 2019 is currently undetermined, but will be based on production volumes and our ability to provide you with quality barrel aged beers. The 2018 membership is projected to end on December 31, 2018, with the 2019 membership beginning January 1, 2019.

Bottle Release Pick-Up:

The 16 bottles will only be available for pick-up at the Garden City Brewery and Taproom during normal tasting room hours or at any release-specific events. Bottle releases must be picked up within one month of the release. We do not have the space to cellar club members’ bottles. If you are located out of the state of Idaho and choose to have someone other than you pick up your bottle releases, you must email info@barbarianbrewing.com with the name of your designated trustee who is the person responsible to pick up your beers. The discount and other club benefits do not apply to Trustees.


The 2018 membership is valid from January 1, 2018 until December 31, 2018.


Membership Disclaimer:

Barbarian Brewing Memberships are open to USA residents over the age of 21 only. If you reside outside the state of Idaho and decide to purchase a 2018 Membership make sure to designate an Idaho Trustee or you are responsible for picking up your allocation within one month of release. We are unable to ship beer as FedEx, UPS, and USPS will not allow us to ship beer directly to customers. No refunds will be given after placing an order.