Common Questions at Barbarian Brewing

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  • How is your beer made?

    Magical Garden City water, elbow grease, time, and Keebler elves.

  • Can I buy your beer online?

    Unfortunately, not at this time. Our town elders won’t let us dance…or sell beer over the interwebs.

  • Is Garden City Safe?

    You bet. It’s pretty respectable these days with all the new breweries and wineries popping up. Most of the old GC riff-raff have migrated east to the fertile lands between the Torch and Cabana Inn.

  • What's with all the wolf names?

    We like wolves….

  • Who is this Brett guy you keep talking about?

    Brett is short for brettanomyces, which is wild yeast. We use several types of wild yeast strains in our barrel aged funky and sour beers to help give complex flavors to the beer.

  • Can der drink morvan fre yer bers an stil strnd uprit?

    Well, our beers our a little higher in octane that most places here in town, so you should probably call a cab if you plan on staying a while.