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How is your beer made?

Magical Garden City water, elbow grease, time, and Keebler elves.

Where can I find your beer around Boise?

You can find our beer in both of our Taprooms and, occasionally, we will be on draft at a few restaurants or bars in town. We are a small brewery operating on a 10 bbl brew system, so most days we just brew enough beer to keep our taprooms supplied. Luckily, both taprooms are open  seven days a week now!

Why are minors not allowed at the Downtown Taproom?

The Downtown Boise Taproom does not produce beer on-site, therefore, we are classified strictly as a “bar” according to the Idaho State Alcohol Beverage Control and are not allowed to let minors on the patio or in the Taproom.

So why are minors only allowed on the patio at the Garden City Brewery & Taproom?

According to the Idaho State ABC, minors are now allowed in brewery and winery tasting rooms, but it is up to the discretion of each business. At Barbarian Brewing we allow minors on our patio only due to brewery safety concerns. Breweries are dangerous production facilities and many of our brewery hazards reside VERY close to our taproom. Therefore, kids on the patio only. We appreciate your understanding on this matter!

Can I buy your beer online?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Our town elders won’t let us dance…or sell beer over the interwebs.

Is Garden City safe?

You bet. It’s pretty respectable these days with all the new breweries and wineries popping up. Most of the old GC riff-raff have migrated east to the fertile lands between the Torch and Cabana Inn.

What's with all the wolf names?

We like wolves….But here’s the real story. The owners of Barbarian have a Siberian Husky named Conan and he was named Conan because it’s Gaelic for “Little Wolf.” The scientific name for hops is “humulus lupulus” and lupus is the diminutive of lupus (wolf). So we called the first IPA we made Little Wolf IPA and the wolf names started flowing with the rest of the IPAs: Big Bad Wolf, Beta Wolf, NeoWolf, Space Wolf, Wolf’s Bane, etc.

Who is this Brett guy you keep talking about?

Brett is short for brettanomyces, which is wild yeast. We use several types of wild yeast strains in our barrel aged funky and sour beers to help give complex flavors to the beer.

How do you sour beer?

We make two types of sours here at Barbarian: Kettle sours (quick turn around) and Barrel-aged Sours (months in the barrel!)

Kettle Sours – The wort is created and bacteria, lactobacillus, is added before it is brewed. The beer is then boiled, hence killing the bacteria, fermented, carbonated, kegged and ready for draft in 2-3 weeks.

Barrel Aged Sours – The wort is made like a normal CLEAN beer, transferred to the fermenter, where it ferments until the desired alcohol percentage is reached, then it is transferred to an oak barrel. The brettanomyces/lactobacillus are then added to the barrel for a SLOW, ORGANIC transformation of the beer. This process could take 3 months to 2 years depending on if the barrel is brand new to us or the desired outcome of the beer. Once James determines its readiness, fruit/spices may be added, then it will sit for another month or two and then kegged and bottled.

Can der drink morvan fre yer bers an stil strand uprit?

Well, our beers our a little higher in octane that most places here in town, so you should probably call an Uber or Lift if you plan on staying a while.

Fresh batch of LITTLE WOLF IPA on draft and in 16oz cans for NEW BEER THOR’S DAY! You might be thinking, “Only Little Wolf this week? Boring!” But just you wait! The next two weeks are insane with SIX new beers coming at ya.

Don’t forget we have @eatkismet at the Garden City Taproom from 5-8pm tonight and @barbariandowntown has live, original music with @cutthroatbanjo from 7-9pm.

THOR’S DAY 10/28 Releases:
~ FENRIR Triple Hazy IPA
~ MAUI SUNSET sour (draft, bottle, t-shirts & tanks)
~ MAMBA MENTALITY Imperial sour with fruit & candy
~ GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE (re-stock of bottles and draft DT)

THOR’S DAY 11/4 Releases:
~ RED LOTUS sour w/ cranberry & lychee fruit
~ DUTCH APPLE STREUSEL Barleywine (non barrel aged version on draft, barrel aged in bottle)

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Introducing Thor’s Days with @eatkismet ! Every Thursday night, starting tonight, KISMET KITCHEN will be parked outside our Garden City Taproom serving up the tastiest dinner from 5-8pm. We will be pairing our beers with Chef Aaron’s menu. Dine in & Order ahead options available (check out their website). 

Featured menu items in photo: Spicy curried potatoes, Butternut squash and kale salad, Chocolate & peanut butter mousse pie and Barbarian Oktoberfest.

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HEL’S FURY, Russian Imperial Stout on nitro. Such a beautiful, warming style of beer that pairs perfectly with these cooler autumn 🍂 temps! HEL’S FURY is tapping tomorrow at Garden City for Thor’s Day and is currently pouring at our @barbariandowntown Taproom. Draft only. 

Today is West Coast Wednesday at our GC Taproom with $1 off draft pours of IPAs. Open 4-9pm.

@barbariandowntown is open from 3-10pm.

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Having trouble deciding on just one beer? Why not try 6?! Nineteen beers to choose from at our Garden City Taproom and 24 at @barbariandowntown . 

GC hours ~ 4-9pm
Downtown hours ~ 3-10pm

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We’d like to think EVERY DAY is #beerandpizza Day, but today is officially National Beer and Pizza Day! Order up some cheesy goodness and drink some Barbarian today! 🍕 🍻 🍕 

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Fresh batch of NECTARON 5000 Hazy IPA on draft and in 16oz cans today for New Beer Thor’s Day! 

Made with @skagitvalleymalting malt & wheat,  NECTARON hops from @nzhopsltd , Triumph hops from @mill95hops , and Nelson and Motueka hops from @hoprevolution . 
6% ABV
30 IBU

Online store link in bio. Garden City Taproom is open 4-9pm and @barbariandowntown is open 3-11pm.

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Remember our Blueberry Cheesecake beer? Get ready for the  HUCKLEBERRY CHEESECAKE version releasing tomorrow for Thor’s Day! 

A slight twist on the Blueberry, this Huckleberry Cheesecake batch was made with huckleberries, blueberries, graham crackers, ginger snap cookies, brown sugar, vanilla and a dash of orange peel. No lactose in this version!
8.5% abv
Draft & 16oz cans at both Taprooms.

Also releasing tomorrow on draft and in 16oz cans: NECTARON 5000 hazy IPA made with @skagitvalleymalting malt and wheat and NECTARON, Nelson, Triumph, Moutere and Motueka hops. 

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*NEW BEER THOR'S DAY* With two new beers at Garden City and four at @barbariandowntown !

Kettle sour made with real açaí berries and dragon fruit.
5.1% abv
10 IBU
Draft and 16oz cans
(Available at Both Taprooms)

Rye Pale Ale made with Skagit Valley rye malt and Strata, Chinook and Cascade hops.
5% abv
30 IBU
Draft & crowler
(Available at Both Taprooms)


Special Releases for TREEFORT at our Downtown Taproom

The earth begins to meet the sky. Mother Nature has cast her spell. The vibrant horizon line descends upon the misty ocean air. The sun begins to take her final bow into the deep blue of the Pacific as the shell horn blows it's final note into the MAUI SUNSET. Mahalo.
Maui Sunset is a blend of 6 red wine barrel aged gold sours with Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava and Mango fruit.
11.5% ABV
Draft Only. Bottles tbd.

~ OLD MAN DIRK 2018~ 
Cellar pull, served on nitro.
Our Scottish Ale, The Dirk, aged in Scotch barrels from the Speyside Scotch Whisky region of Scotland.
8.2% ABV
30 IBU
Draft ONLY.

~ Extended @barbariandowntown Hours for @treefortfest ~
Thor’s Day: 1pm-11pm
Fri & Sat: Noon-Midnight 
Sun: Noon-10pm

Our Garden City Taproom is open regular hours!
Thor’s Day: 4-9pm
Friday: 2-9pm
Saturday: Noon-9pm
Sunday: 2-6pm

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Our @barbariandowntown Taproom is ready for @treefortfest ! Extended hours, extra patio seating, and 24 Barbarian beers on draft! 

For everyone who is avoiding #downtownboise because of Treefort, we’ve got plenty of room at our Garden City Taproom for your beer drinking excursions. 


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It’s #funkytuesday ! Enjoy $1 off all sour draft pours at our Garden City Taproom from 4pm-9pm. We tapped four new beers last week and have two more on the way this week (THE LAST DRAGON Sour and WEST RIVER RYE PALE Ale)!

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Boise Downtown Taproom

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1022 W Main St
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Mon-Thurs: 4-9pm
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Sun: 2-6pm

5270 W Chinden Blvd
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