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I heard you are moving. Why, Where, What?

We have moved our original Garden City Brewery & Taproom from 52nd & Chinden down to a much larger warehouse on 32nd & Clay. We ran out of room at the original space and wanted a bigger taproom & beer garden area.

The new brewery and taproom is located at 114 E 32nd St in Garden City.

Our Barbarian Downtown Beer Bar remains OPEN 7 days a week at 1022 W Main St. Boise.

Will you have food at the new location on 32nd & Clay?

Yes! We are partnering with Kismet Kitchen Food Truck to be our full time food option. Kismet Kitchen is a local, family run business (just like Barbarian) and will operate independently of Barbarian. Check out EatKismet for hours & menu.

Are kids and dogs allowed at the new location at 32nd & Clay?

Kids are allowed, but please remember we are Barbarians and our furniture & decor is not kid friendly. We are an adult drinking establishment.

Dogs are allowed on the patio only and must be on leash and well-behaved.

So, you'll have 3 taprooms now?

Nope. We are moving our original Garden City Brewery & Taproom down to 32nd & Clay and our Downtown Taproom will stay put. Idaho breweries are legally allowed two retail spaces (taprooms) for the entire state of Idaho.

Where can I find your beer around Boise?

You can find our beer in both of our Taprooms and, occasionally, we will be on draft at a few restaurants or bars in town. We are a small brewery operating on a 10 bbl brew system, so most days we just brew enough beer to keep our taprooms supplied. Luckily, both taprooms are open  seven days a week now!

Why are minors not allowed at the Downtown Taproom?

The Downtown Boise Taproom does not produce beer on-site, therefore, we are classified strictly as a “bar” according to the Idaho State Alcohol Beverage Control and are not allowed to let minors on the patio or in the Taproom.

Can I buy your beer online?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Our town elders won’t let us dance…or sell beer over the interwebs.

What's with all the wolf names?

We like wolves….But here’s the real story. The owners of Barbarian have a Siberian Husky named Conan and he was named Conan because it’s Gaelic for “Little Wolf.” The scientific name for hops is “humulus lupulus” and lupus is the diminutive of lupus (wolf). So we called the first IPA we made Little Wolf IPA and the wolf names started flowing with the rest of the IPAs: Big Bad Wolf, Beta Wolf, NeoWolf, Space Wolf, Wolf’s Bane, etc.

How do you sour beer?

We make two types of sours here at Barbarian: Kettle sours (quick turn around) and Barrel-aged Sours (months in the barrel!)

Kettle Sours – The wort is created and bacteria, lactobacillus, is added before it is brewed. The beer is then boiled, hence killing the bacteria, fermented, carbonated, kegged and ready for draft in 2-3 weeks.

Barrel Aged Sours – The wort is made like a normal CLEAN beer, transferred to the fermenter, where it ferments until the desired alcohol percentage is reached, then it is transferred to an oak barrel. The brettanomyces/lactobacillus are then added to the barrel for a SLOW, ORGANIC transformation of the beer. This process could take 3 months to 2 years depending on if the barrel is brand new to us or the desired outcome of the beer. Once James determines its readiness, fruit/spices may be added, then it will sit for another month or two and then kegged and bottled.

Can der drink morvan fre yer bers an stil strand uprit?

Well, our beers our a little higher in octane that most places here in town, so you should probably call an Uber or Lift if you plan on staying a while.

Two months later and we’re still rocking our @treefortfest window art from @waltercgerald at @barbariandowntown Beer Bar! Our patio is open, AC is on and 24 Barbarian beers on draft. Open 7 days a week in 11th and Main in #downtownboise . 

Live, original music every Tuesday & Thursday nights starting at 7pm. 

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Introducing a brand new KIWI GUAVA WOLF PAW 🐾 Hard Seltzer and a fresh batch of HEY ARNOLD! for Thor’s Day, May 19!

@eatkismet will be open and serving food from 3pm-8pm at the Brewery Taproom.

@barbariandowntown Beer Bar is open from 3-10pm with Sutton & Beek performing live, original music from 7-9pm.

Kettle sour packed with 52lbs of Arnold Palmer iced tea & lemonade mix and 1500 black tea bags.
4.5% ABV
10 IBU
Draft & 16oz Cans available.

Hard Seltzer made with real kiwi and guava fruit. A great Barbarian option for low carb or gluten sensitive diets.
5.5% abv
Draft & 16oz Cans available.

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HEY ARNOLD! is returning on Thor’s Day, May 19!! This Arnold Palmer sour is freaking delicious on a hot summer day and might have been a staff favorite while camping, out on the river or after doing yard work. Made with Arnold Palmer Iced Tea mix, lemonade power and a ridiculous amount of black tea. 
5.5% abv
Draft and 16oz cans available at both Barbarian locations on Thursday.

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It’s AMERICAN CRAFT BEER WEEK! We’ll be celebrating this week with releases of HEY ARNOLD! Arnold Palmer Sour and a brand new Kiwi Guava WOLF PAW Hard Seltzer on Thor’s Day 5/19. Stop by and have a beer with us! 

I’m addition to the new sour and seltzer, @barbariandowntown has live, original music this Tuesday, Thor’s Day and Friday night! Follow @barbariandowntown for events. 

#americancraftbeerweek #craftbeerweek #craftbeerweek2022 #barbarianbrewing #unleashyourbarbarian #idahobeer
Fresh batch of PERSEPHONE PORTER on draft! This Robust Porter has been around Barbarian for 6.5 years and is one of our OG recipes. 

Persephone is the Greek Queen of the Underworld and is the goddess of the dead, life, grain, and destruction. She is often portrayed with a sheath of grain and is embodiment of spring, which we hope is finally here. 

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Happy Mothers Day! We are open at NOON at both Barbarian locations and @eatkismet is serving brunch from 12-3 at our Brewery Taproom. Mimosas, beer, cider and n/a drinks available.

Kismet will be closing at 3pm today but our Taproom is open until 8pm.

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How excited are you that it’s Saturday?! We hope it’s this excited! 
Beers are flowing, the sun is out (kind of) and @eatkismet is open until 8pm. 

📸: @michaelbonocore 

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It’s a beautiful day to enjoy some @eatkismet and our new AMERICAN WHEAT Ale! The Brewery Taproom is open until 10pm and Kismet is serving until 8pm. 

Saturday: Noon-10pm w/ Kismet serving until 8pm.

Sunday: Noon-8pm w/ Kismet serving Mother’s Day Brunch from Noon-3pm!

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Happy Thor’s Day! We’ve got to two new beers on draft and @eatkismet is serving up #cincodemayo specials in addition their regular menu. Barbarian is open from 3-9pm and @eatkismet from 3-8pm.

⁃ Chips and Kismet Salsa $5
⁃ Chips and Beef, Bean, and Cheese Dip $7
⁃ Braised Chicken Tostada, Creme Fraiche, Avocado Purée, Cotija, Spicy Slaw, Cilantro, Diced Onion $12


American Wheat /Hefeweizen- Light and easy drinking for the warmer days ahead.
4.5% ABV
20 IBU
Draft & crowlers available.

The newest candy sour made with real Gushers candy, 200lbs of strawberries and 320lbs of kiwi fruit. IYKYK
6.9% ABV
10 IBUs
Draft and 16oz Cans available.

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