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I heard you are moving. Why, Where, What?

We have moved our original Garden City Brewery & Taproom from 52nd & Chinden down to a much larger warehouse on 32nd & Clay. We ran out of room at the original space and wanted a bigger taproom & beer garden area.

The new brewery and taproom is located at 114 E 32nd St in Garden City.

Our Barbarian Downtown Beer Bar remains OPEN 7 days a week at 1022 W Main St. Boise.

Will you have food at the new location on 32nd & Clay?

Yes! We are partnering with Kismet Kitchen Food Truck to be our full time food option. Kismet Kitchen is a local, family run business (just like Barbarian) and will operate independently of Barbarian. Check out EatKismet for hours & menu.

Are kids and dogs allowed at the new location at 32nd & Clay?

Kids are allowed, but please remember we are Barbarians and our furniture & decor is not kid friendly. We are an adult drinking establishment.

Dogs are allowed on the patio only and must be on leash and well-behaved.

So, you'll have 3 taprooms now?

Nope. We are moving our original Garden City Brewery & Taproom down to 32nd & Clay and our Downtown Taproom will stay put. Idaho breweries are legally allowed two retail spaces (taprooms) for the entire state of Idaho.

Where can I find your beer around Boise?

You can find our beer in both of our Taprooms and, occasionally, we will be on draft at a few restaurants or bars in town. We are a small brewery operating on a 10 bbl brew system, so most days we just brew enough beer to keep our taprooms supplied. Luckily, both taprooms are open  seven days a week now!

Why are minors not allowed at the Downtown Taproom?

The Downtown Boise Taproom does not produce beer on-site, therefore, we are classified strictly as a “bar” according to the Idaho State Alcohol Beverage Control and are not allowed to let minors on the patio or in the Taproom.

Can I buy your beer online?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Our town elders won’t let us dance…or sell beer over the interwebs.

What's with all the wolf names?

We like wolves….But here’s the real story. The owners of Barbarian have a Siberian Husky named Conan and he was named Conan because it’s Gaelic for “Little Wolf.” The scientific name for hops is “humulus lupulus” and lupus is the diminutive of lupus (wolf). So we called the first IPA we made Little Wolf IPA and the wolf names started flowing with the rest of the IPAs: Big Bad Wolf, Beta Wolf, NeoWolf, Space Wolf, Wolf’s Bane, etc.

How do you sour beer?

We make two types of sours here at Barbarian: Kettle sours (quick turn around) and Barrel-aged Sours (months in the barrel!)

Kettle Sours – The wort is created and bacteria, lactobacillus, is added before it is brewed. The beer is then boiled, hence killing the bacteria, fermented, carbonated, kegged and ready for draft in 2-3 weeks.

Barrel Aged Sours – The wort is made like a normal CLEAN beer, transferred to the fermenter, where it ferments until the desired alcohol percentage is reached, then it is transferred to an oak barrel. The brettanomyces/lactobacillus are then added to the barrel for a SLOW, ORGANIC transformation of the beer. This process could take 3 months to 2 years depending on if the barrel is brand new to us or the desired outcome of the beer. Once James determines its readiness, fruit/spices may be added, then it will sit for another month or two and then kegged and bottled.

Can der drink morvan fre yer bers an stil strand uprit?

Well, our beers our a little higher in octane that most places here in town, so you should probably call an Uber or Lift if you plan on staying a while.

It’s gonna be a hot one! Come on down to Barbarian for cold slushies, beer and @eatkismet ! Open until 8pm on Sunday, June 26. 

Today’s slushy flavors are ORANGE 🍊 CREAMSICLE beer and Kiwi Guava WOLF PAW Hard Seltzer w/ Tiger’s Blood! Must be 21 to purchase.

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@eatkismet is open for lunch and so are we! It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon in Garden City to relax out in our Beer Garden. 🍻 

Barbarian Brewery & Taproom hours:
Mon-Thurs: 3-10pm
Fri-Sat: 12-10pm
Sunday: 12-8

@eatkismet hours:
Thurs: 3-8pm
Fri-Sun: 12-8pm

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2022 FUNKFEST at @bittercreekalehouse pouring four tart & funky Barbarian beers on draft and three Barbarian barrel aged sour bottles! Go check it out! FUNKFEST goes until Sunday, June 26. 

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PINK LEMONADE SOUR is back for New Beer Thor’s Day 6/23! This kettle sour was made with 350lbs of strawberries and 90lbs of pink lemonade mix. Available on draft and in 16oz cans at both Barbarian locations.

@eatkismet returns to at Brewery Taproom and will be open from 3-8pm. The Taproom is open until 10pm.

@barbariandowntown Beer Bar is open from 3-10pm with @popsbeek and @cutthroatbanjo performing from 7-9pm. 

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Happy Summer Solstice! We have extended hours at the Brewery Taproom, misters on the patio and more shade will be installed by end of this week! @eatkismet also returns on Thor’s Day, June 23. 

~ Monday-Thursday ~ 3-10pm
~ Friday & Saturday ~ 12-10pm
~ Sunday ~ 12-8pm

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Celebrate FATHER’s DAY at the Barbarian Brewing Taproom tomorrow with @thetonycannoli !! They are serving from 1-4pm and we are open Noon-8pm. 

📷: @thetonycannoli 
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Slushy Season starts tomorrow (Friday)!!! First up is our Kiwi Guava Wolf Paw 🐾 with Tiger’s Blood 🩸 Snow Cone mix. Beat the the heat on our big new patio with misters and ice cold slushies! 

We are only doing alcohol slushies at the moment, sorry kiddos! Must be 21 to purchase. 

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Puppers Pale Ale and Tranquillitas 2.0 on draft today for New Beer Thor's Day!

Brewery Taproom is open from 3-10pm tonight. @thevoid____208 Food Truck is serving from 5-9pm

@barbariandowntown Beer Bar is open 3-10pm with @cutthroatbanjo & @popsbeek performing 
music from 7pm-9pm.

Hazy Pale Ale made with malt, wheat and Motueka, Citra and Azacca hops. Pitter-Patter. Get this guy a F***ing Puppers!
5% ABV
20 IBU
Draft & crowlers available.

Strawberry, blackberry & coconut NON-Alcohol botanical beverage made with adaptogens and nootropics. A calming and natural anti-anxiety bubbly mocktail.
0% abv
Draft and crowlers available.

So many thanks to @itburnswheniart for making this incredible piece of artwork of our Puppers, CONAN, who is the Barbarian and inspiration for our brewery band! 

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Cheers to the weekend! 4-pack Sale on select cans:
• BETA WOLF 2.0 $12

While supplies last. Available at both Barbarian locations. Drink em’ at the park, on the river, camping, your backyard or wherever your weekend adventures take you! Remember PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT! ♻️ 🚮 

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~ MOJITO SOUR ~ German style Gose made with lime, mint and a little salt. Another easy drinking summer sour beer! 
4.7% abv
Draft and cans available at both Barbarian locations.

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ORANGE CREAMSICLE is returning on Thor’s Day, June 9! This Dessert Berliner Weisse was a huge hit last summer and we are so excited to bring it back on draft and in cans to-go. Made with 440lbs of Cara Cara orange, milk sugar and Madagascar vanilla beans, this slightly sour beer tastes just like the summer treat. Available at both Barbarian locations on Thursday!

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📸: @coldonejoe
~ TARTA DE QUESO ~ Dessert Berliner Weisse made in collaboration with @basquelandbrew from San Sebastián, Spain. Inspired by the Basque style cheesecake, Tarta de Queso, this sour beer was made with real cheesecake bites, milk sugar, Madagascar vanilla beans and 440lbs of raspberries. Available on draft and in to-go cans at both Barbarian locations!

~ A note from @basquelandbrew ~
We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Barbarian Brewing. We always approach collaborations from the perspective of what can we contribute, what can we learn, and what fun can we have. Barbarian provided us a chance to check all of these boxes. First, they are known for making interesting styles and delicious beer. Second, they are always open to push the envelope so we’re going to learn something. And, lastly, some fun was had in the making of this beer.

The icing on this cake (spoiler alert) is that Barbarian is located in the biggest Basque-town in the United States. ¡Aupa Boise! Knowing that Boise is home to nearly 15,000 citizens who identity as Basque, we wanted to make a Basque-inspired beer to say Kaixo Boise! Hello from San Sebastián.

In the recipe concept phase we agreed to use one of the most emblematic dishes of the Basque kitchen for inspiration. This is the tarta de queso aka cheesecake with the classic garnish of raspberries. We knew this combo of rich and savoury, and tart and fruity will come together nicely in a beer. Our friends at Barbarian Brewing made our dreams come true! Thanks to them for being open to this idea and for getting wild with a this flavor combination hardly ever seen in beer.
¡Mil Esker! 

#tartadequeso #dessertberliner #dessertbeer #dessertsour #berlinerweisse #collabbeer #basquecountry #basquecheesecake #boise #visitboise #basque 
📸: @coldonejoe
DANGER SUNSET 2022 drops today with draft, bottles, t-shirts, women’s tanks and mineral washed pullover hoodies! Available at both Barbarian locations. In addition to DANGER, we’ve got a fresh batch of NECTARON 5000 Hazy IPA draft & cans.

@eatkismet is open at the Brewery Taproom from 3-8pm, taproom is open until 9pm.

@barbariandowntown Beer Bar is open from 3-10 with @popsbeek and @seantraceytroubadour playing music from 7-9pm. 

South Beach of Miami, 1986. The engine purring like a tiger in Crockett's white Ferrari Testarossa. The scents of coconut and strawberry tingle your nostrils with pure ecstasy to send you on your journey into the DANGER SUNSET. Spontaneously fermented sour blend aged in oak barrels and finished with strawberries and coconut.
8% ABV

~ NECTARON 5000 ~
Hazy IPA made with Skagit Valley malt and wheat and Nectaron, Nelson Sauvin, Triumph, Moutere & Motueka hops.
6.5% abv
Draft & Cans

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DANGER SUNSET returns tomorrow, JUNE 2 with draft, bottles, t-shirts, women’s tanks and pullover hoodies available at both Barbarian locations.


South Beach of Miami, 1986. The engine purring like a tiger in Crockett's white Ferrari Testarossa. The scents of coconut and strawberry tingle your nostrils with pure ecstasy to send you on your journey into the DANGER SUNSET. Spontaneously fermented sour blend aged in oak barrels and finished with strawberries and coconut.
8% ABV
Draft, 500ml Bottles, t-shirts, racerback tanks and pullover hoodies available!

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We are open extended hours for MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!

Our Garden City Taproom is open Saturday & Sunday 12-10pm and Monday 12-8pm.
@eatkismet is open Sat & Sun 12-8pm. 

Our @barbariandowntown Beer Bar is open Saturday 12-11pm, Sunday 12-10pm and Monday 12-8pm, and is a 21 and older establishment. 

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