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What kind of beer would a unicorn drink?

If a donut and a stout had a baby, what would it taste like? Is edible glitter a thing? Those are the kind of questions that come up when we’re crafting our beers. And apparently, we’re not the only ones who think a little outside the barrel. Since we staged our invasion in 2015, our band of misfits has been proudly un-refining taste buds at our Garden City brewery and downtown Boise taproom.

If you like your beer a little more on the classic side, fear not. Our traditional barrel-aged beers and high-quality IPAs are as Old World as it gets. And right now, our 90 oak barrels are aging limited-batch sours, Brettanomyces-forward funky beers, Bourbon barrel stouts, barley wines, and more. Our brutish brewers also craft kettle sours, hazy IPAs, West Coast IPAs, Belgian ales, and dark and malty styles.

On any given day (especially Thor’s days), you’ll find creations that will have you rethinking what a brewery can do. Experimental styles like our Ice Cream Ales, cocktail-inspired beers, and Candy Gose series are anything but primitive. 

Most of our beers are available only at our two taprooms, so stop in if you want to taste what happens when Barbarians take over the taps.

Outsiders Welcome!

Brass Monkey
That funky Monkey
Brass Monkey junkie
That funky Monkey

Tapping a new Orange Radler named Brass Monkey on Thor's Day, August 8!

Brewery Taproom is open from 3-10pm.
@eatkismet is OPEN and serving food from 3-8pm.

@barbariandowntown Beer Bar is open from 3-10pm.

Orange Radler made with Thor's Mane Golden Ale and real orange juice.
3.5% abv 
Draft & crowlers available at both Barbarian locations.

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Stalking through the jungle, he prowls like the silent ghost of fear, ready to pounce at any moment. As he vanishes into the shadows, you hear him roar into the TIGER SUNSET. 

Releasing on first Thor’s Day 8/4, the 2022 TIGER SUNSET is our spontaneously fermented sour base aged in oak barrels and finished with Tiger's Blood Snow Cone Mix, watermelon and coconut puree.
7% abv 

Draft, 500ml bottles, and a limited run of unisex t-shirts and women's racerback tanks available at both Barbarian locations.

Design created by @adamjrosenlund 
Named created by @korbansaxton #wutangnamegenerator 
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HOP WATER is back on draft and in cans for Thor’s Day! Bubbly water with hop essence. 0% abv. 

Brewery & Taproom is open from 3-10pm today and @eatkismet is open from 3-8pm with a new “It’s effing hot 🥵 out” menu.

@barbariandowntown is open from 3-10pm with @seantraceytroubadour performing 7-9pm. 

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Our sunflowers are starting to bloom! It's a great contrast to all the barbwire around. #gardencityitsnice 🌻 🍻 🌻 

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~ SUMMER CAN SALE! July 25-31 take advantage of 20% off cans of Barbarian beer & seltzer at both locations (including PEANUT BUTTER MORRIGAN & THE MORRIGAN GOES COCONUTS). To-Go only. Crowlers not applicable. No other discounts apply.

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SUNDAY BRUNCH is live! Every Sunday from 11am until 4pm (or sold out). 

~Barbarian Brunch~

Kismet Muffin $11
Malheur Breakfast Sausage, Ballard White Cheddar, House English Muffin, Mustard Maple Syrup, Western Farms Scrambled Eggs, add Curried Potatoes $3

Supersized Cinnamon Roll $10
Cream Cheese Frosting

Brunchy Burrito $12
Malheur Breakfast Sausage, Ballard White Cheddar, Western Farms Scrambled Eggs, Curried Potatoes, Spicy Mayo, Spicy $1

Kale and Curried Potato Burrito $11
Ballard White Cheddar, Western Farms Scrambled Eggs, Fiddlers Green Kale, Curried Potatoes, Spicy Mayo, Spicy $1

Fried Brussels Sprouts $13
Kismet Hot Sauce, Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Radish, Pea Shoots, Spicy Mayo, Togarashi

Curried Potatoes $10
Remoulade Sauce, Gremolata, Feta Cheese, Spicy $1

Cucumber Salad(Vegan) $9
Scallion Vinaigrette, Pickled Fresno Peppers, Marcona Almonds, Pea Shoots, Togarashi 

Greek Salad $12
Greens, Red Wine Vinaigrette, Garlic-Dill Yogurt, Eden Creamery Feta Cheese, Cherry Tomato, Olives, Cucumber, Red Onion, Herbs

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We love seeing all your summer adventures with Barbarian cans, bottles and gear in tow! Cheers to summer and enjoying a cold one on the water!

Please note that we will only see your tags if your profile is set to “public”. 

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Bringing back two more easy drinking favorites for Thor's Day July 21: THOR'S MANE & 7K Pale Ale.

@eatkismet is OPEN and serving food from 3-8pm!

~ 7K ~
Hazy Pale Ale made with Skagit Valley malt and wheat and Cashmere, El Dorado and Citra hops. 7K is part of the Chinden Motel Hazy Pale Ale Series.
5% abv 
Draft and crowlers available.

Easy drinking Golden Ale made with expressive yeasts. Name after the Barbarian's Malamute, Thor, and maybe a little after the Viking God of Thunder. 
5% abv
Draft and crowlers available.

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Wednesday BURGER NIGHT with @eatkismet is back! Check out the menu below. 5pm-8pm (or until sold out). The Brewery Taproom is open from 3-10pm.

@Malheur Beef, Acme BakeshopSesame Seed Bun, House American Cheese, House Pickles, House Ketchup, Mustard, Iceberg Lettuce, Shallots
Single Patty (3.5oz) $13
Double Patty $18
Add Bacon $2

Lentil and Beet Vegan Burger with Purple Kraut, Ciabatta, Vegan Fry Sauce, Pickles, Shallot $13

Choice of One Side: Tots or 
Iceberg Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette

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Two new slushy flavors this week! 

Come and get em’ 

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Getting to Barbarian via the Garden City Greenbelt has never been easier! Turn off the greenbelt in between @telayawine and @riversidehotelboise and head towards our big grey warehouse. Bike parking is limited, but we have more bike racks on the way! 

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Brand new this week ~ THAI RICE LAGER ~
Lager made with Thai Jasmine rice. Light, crisp and was lagered for 8 weeks. 
5.5% abv 
Draft and crowlers available at both Barbarian locations.

The Brewery Taproom is open from Noon-10pm today and @eatkismet is open from Noon-8pm. Come on down!

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